Spike Spiegel

Debuted Conneticon 2009

Spike Spiegel is the protagonist of the anime Cowboy Bebop.

This is my favorite anime, and it took me a while to get to a point where I was comfortable with making this cosplay. Since acting like awesome characters is my main motive for cosplay, I couldn’t wait to run around and be crazy like Spike is. People get the notion that he is always this quiet, rugged unsung hero, but that is only part of the time. I think people forget about when he yells, runs, and gets a little silly. He really was a great character to play, and at the con I wore it to, I tried to find Luffy for 600,000,000 berrys, and Vash for $$30,000,000,000. 😛

The Full Costume

The Full Costume

It is composed of four parts: the jacket, pants, shoes, wig, gun.

The composure:

The pants were pretty straightforeward, and the suit simply needed an adjustment to it’s pattern to fit Spike’s design. The fabric used was 300 thread-count Egyptian cotton, that was actually cheaper to get as bedsheets (which I did get). The wig was originally an L wig (*gasp!*) and it was cut and styled by Shauna Leva with my direction. The boots were colored the same color as the socks, because Spike in fact wears shoes with socks, not one big blue lump, which is how he is drawn. I bought a pair of cheap plastic/vinyl boots and used auto-grade vinyl dye to color them blue. The only color I could find was the sparkly blue :X but it did the trick anyhow! I used THIS shoelace site to lace the boots in a way that I thought would look closer to how uniformly (SPIKE DOESN’T HAVE ANY SHOELACES!?).

Overall the only things I would like to change about this costume are the two small blue fasteners and to take in the middle/bottom of the jacket, as I think it is too wide.

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